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Released flexvdi-client 3.1.4

Changes since 3.1.3

Fixes two problems when using a password that contains the ” character.

  • It now lets the user to login succesfully.
  • The part of the password after the ” could be written to flexvdi-client log file.

Also HTTP timeouts are longer now, so that even if the flexVDI server OS is not well configured (when the server is not able to resolve its own name to an IP address), flexVDI client can connect succesfully.

Released flexVDI manager 3.1.3

Changes since 3.1.2

  • Support cache option for disk images, enabling writethrough for better performance. This requires flexvdi-agent 3.1.3 to work.
  • Pool resource allocation from hosts is now deterministic, avoiding spurious vm migrations after rebalancing resources or booting flexVDI manager.
  • Fixed: Pools with larger granularity get resources before others with the same priority.
  • Better logging:
    • Date is written in log lines.
    • Added detail to several messages.
    • Fixed priority of some messages (errors that were only warnings)
  • Fixed: do not stop guests in some error conditions.

Released flexVDI Client v3.1.3

Changes since v3.1.2

  • TCP port redirection feature. This version recovers the -L and -R options of the flexVDI Client v2.x to redirect both local and remote TCP ports, just like SSH. This feature also requires flexVDI Guest Tools 3.1.1 and spice-server-flexvdi-0.14.0-7.
  • Fix CapsLock being stuck for ~3 seconds when going from upper case to lower case. This problem only seemed to happen when the client was running on Linux and the guest was a Windows desktop.
  • Fix crash when a document was printed on a Windows client.