Month: February 2017

ChangeLog of flexVDI Client 2.2.9 for Linux and Live USB

Version 2.2.9 of flexVDI Client for Linux introduces very few changes. The main one is a fix for a race condition that could potentially crash the client. However, it comes together with version 2.2.9 of flexVDI Live USB Client. From now on, both clients will be released at the same time, due to their obvious connection (that is why we skipped version 2.2.8 of the Live USB Client).

This new version of the flexVDI Live USB Client is based on Porteus 3.2. From the user’s experience point of view, little has changed, besides including all the new features of the flexVDI Client for Linux since version 2.2.7. However, Porteus 3.2 comes with much better hardware support and up-to-date software, so there should be less compatibility issues.