Released flexVDI Manager 3.1.10

New resource allocation algorithm, adapted for homogeneous and also heterogeneous host sets.

The new flexVDI Manager distributes load to the physical hosts proportionally to the amount of computing reources (vCPU and vRAM) that they have available. Previous releases gave load to the host with most free available resources, which resulted in the “bigger” machines in a cluster being more loaded than “small” ones.

flexVDI installations where all the hosts have the same amount of RAM and CPUs, will not be affected by this update. flexVDI Manager will behave like always for them.

Most flexVDI Manager updates can be performed when users are connected to the platform without being noticed.

If you have flexVDI installed on hosts with the same amounts of vRAM and vCPUS, this update is also completely safe for you. Otherwise, it is recommended that you stop most (>50%) of the guests in every flexVDI pool in your system before updating your flexVDI Manager. Resource allocation will be different with the new flexVDI Manager, which will cause automatic guest migrations, which will temporarily freeze those guests, and can cause some guests to be stopped.

flexVDI manager is available for update running flexvdi-config command on the host where the current manager is running. Instructions are available here. Also it can be manually downloaded from, for servers not connected to the internet.