Released flexVDI Manager 3.1.9

  • Bug fixed: Due to a race condition, in rare occasions a volatile desktop could be deleted without a good reason, leaving a log line like:
xxxxxxx [WARN ] [/user/DesktopReaper] 1103||An orphaned Desktop was found. Killing it||Orphaned desktop is DESKTOP_NAME-volatile-yyyyyyyy
  • Desktop deletion by “inactivity actions” is faster now: The “stop & delete” action of volatile desktops caused by “inactivity actions”, now tries to be performed in one time, instead of stopping the desktop, then deleting the session 30 seconds later.
  • Improved logging: problems when executing “inactivity actions” are logged with more detail now.

flexVDI manager is available for update running flexvdi-config command on the host where the current manager is running. Instructions are available here. Also it can be manually downloaded from, for servers not connected to the internet.