Released flexVDI manager 3.1.4

Changes since 3.1.3

  • Includes support for LDAPS protocol (LDAP over TLS/SSL). Instructions for configuring flexVDI manager to trust additional CA’s or server certificates is available at
  • Port 7777 is now reserved and, flexVDI does not try to use it for spice connection to guest virtual machines. This port is used by default by the OCFS2 file system, which is usually used by flexVDI hosts. This number can be changed setting the value of “flexvdi.host_reserved.port” in /flexvdi/external/manager/flexvdi.conf.


flexVDI manager is available for update running flexvdi-config command on the host where the current manager is running. Instructions are available here. Also it can be manually downloaded from, for servers not connected to the internet.