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Released flexvdi-agent v3.0.6

Changelog from flexVDI Agent v3.0.5

  • Fix listing network interfaces
  • Do not try to use huge pages explicitly. Transparent huge pages are used automatically if they are available.
  • Kill libvirtd if checking the domains’ status is stuck for too long:
    As of libvirt 3.9.0-14.el7_5, there is a bug that hungs libvirtd for unknown reasons. This renders the flexVDI platform unusable. If the agent suspects the libvirtd daemon to be hung, it kills it. Systemd automatically respawns it moments later and the problem is (temporally) solved.

Released flexVDI Manager v3.0.4

Changelog from flexVDI Manager v3.0.3

  • Added globally unique desktop policy parameters: such a parameter will generate values that are unique among all the guests of the platform, not only the desktop policy it applies to.
  • Allow multiple values of the desktop policy attribute. Now, you do not need to write all the desktop policies for a user in a comma-separated list.
  • Fixed image creation task to avoid timing out too soon. This could happen with images created on filesystems that do not support the fallocate operation (CIFS, NFS, …)
  • Fixed destroying VDI sessions when the desktop’s guest was in a transitory unknown state.