Released flexVDI Gateway v3.0.2 and flexVDI WebPortal v3.0.2

Great news! We have improved our Gateway component and WebPortal appliance to make your life easier. Now, you can use your WebPortal as a Gateway for native clients too, besides serving the HTML5 client. In this way, deploying a WebPortal instance in your platform is the easiest and most secure way to provide a single entry point.

Changelog from flexVDI Gateway v3.0.1

  • The following options and related functionality has been removed as being of little use: RejectUsers, HostDict, CacheFiles
  • HijackAll option is removed, now all the connections from a flexVDI Client are always managed by the same Gateway instance.
  • Proxy the local host by default: if a connection is received without requesting a desktop to the Manager first, it will be redirected to the local host.
  • Better error reporting.

Changelog from flexVDI WebPortal v3.0.1

  • Include flexVDI Gateway 3.0.2
  • Menu option to enable/disable the flexVDI HTML5 Client web interface. By disabling it, you can use the WebPortal instance just as a Gateway for the native clients.

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