ChangeLog for Manager 2.2.25

We’ve just released version 2.2.25 of flexVDI Manager. The biggest change in this version is the addition of Security Attributes as an extension of Desktop Policy. This allows you to selectively disable some features (USB redirection, Copy&Paste, Power Events…) on your VDI Desktops, to increase the security and isolation of every Guest.

Most relevant changes from 2.2.22:

    • FLEXVDI-1520: Add a new CPU emulation mode (AMD Opteron_G6)
    • FLEXVDI-1523: Allow to choose between PS/2 and USB keyboard mode
    • FLEXVDI-1827: Detect when an Active Directory account password has expired, and let it login to change password
    • FLEXVDI-1865: Implement support for Security Attributes on Desktop Policy

You can update to the latest Manager version, by running flexvdi-config and selecting Manager->Upgrade.